Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

  1. General Terms & Conditions

1.1 About Tablet Hub UK
Tablet Hub UK is a registered company. Our mission is to simply provide the best shopping experience at amazing prices.

1.2. Our Stock
Tablet Hub UK stock is all genuine, original and unlocked. We source our products from all over the world to provide the best quality stock and best prices to our customers. 

1.3. Payment and Currency

Our websites process payment in the following currency: GBP 

Any other currency shown on the respective websites are for display purposes only and are an approximation based on our internal exchange rate. The final amount billed will be based on your credit card or payment service provider and what exchange they offer. You will be able to select your payment method at the payment step in the checkout process.

1.4. Verification

All customers must be verified before it is approved for shipment. Most of the time the order goes through without any issue but Tablet Hub UK reserves the right to hold a shipment in case of suspicious activity relating to fraud, misuse of credit cards or fake identity. We apologise if your order is delayed if it is flag by our procedure, but we will ensure that if verification is required, we will contact you as soon as we can so as to ship out your order faster. Furthermore, if there are any concerns, you can always email us at sale@thetablethub.com.

As online shopping grows, unfortunately so does fraud. We thank you for your cooperation.


1.5. Delivery
Upon receiving your payment, your order will be sent to the warehouse to pack and ship your product. You will receive a notification email when we have shipped your package.

Tablet Hub UK reserves the right to ship low cost and/or lightweight products through untracked post if they are the only item(s) in the order.
Please take note that  service during transition of goods is solely the liability of courier companies. Tablet Hub UK is not liable for any goods which are lost or received damaged. Courier companies only cover physical loss or damage of goods during transit subject to the maximum liability specified in the terms of conditions of their service. 


1.6. Discount Vouchers
Tablet Hub UK offers promotions such as discount vouchers and coupons. These have their own conditions of use such as duration, expiry date etc. Please refer to any relevant conditions on promotion pages, information or emails. Tablet Hub UK reserves the right to void, change, remove or disable any vouchers at their own discretion. However, this would rarely occur and if it were to happen this would be announced.


1.7. Manuals/ Software
There may be circumstances where you will receive an item with a manual in a language you cannot read. This is due to our sourcing structure to obtain the best possible prices for our customers. In these cases please refer to the relevant product page on the manufacturer website to download the manuals. If you require any assistance on this matter please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service team.


1.8. Checking Procedure
Tablet Hub UK stock is put through a random inspection and sometimes testing procedure. We will select a few items out of each batch of goods from our supplier to do this. This is to ensure that the product delivered is of high quality and working order so as to minimise the chance of DOA (dead on arrival) and customer inconvenience. Therefore the product may need to be removed from the box and checked. Rest assured that before repacking, we thoroughly clean and repackage everything professionally (shrink wrap if required) to original standard before shipping.


1.9. Import Tax
By purchasing a product through our site, customers may have to pay customs charges.


1.10. Information Accuracy
Tablet Hub UK stocks products from all over the world to bring the best prices and quality to our customers. However this comes with a disadvantage that there are slight differences in the product and packaging between regions to meet the local requirements. Therefore we cannot guarantee that the information such as photos on the site are 100% correct at all times.


1.11. Privacy Policy
You can refer to our Privacy Policy to know more about the data we are collecting, as well as how we share and utilize the information.


2.Cancellation Policy

2.1 Cancellation

You can only cancel your order when the order is still in processing status. We only accept cancellation request made by the means of submitting an email within 3 hours of purchase.

In any event that the goods are packed or dispatched, or upon receiving the goods, you cannot return the order under our 14 Days returns policy unless the item is faulty.

2.2 Duplicated order
In any event that you find yourself having placed duplicated orders by mistake or due to system/network malfunction, please inform us before the order(s) is/are packed and dispatched and we will cancel the duplicated order for you as per your request.


2.3 Fraudulent Order
We have procedures in place to detect any sign of testing or fraudulent orders. All alleged fraudulent orders will be subject to immediate cancellation and the respective user/visitor will be banned from our website unconditionally.


2.4 Security Check
As part of our effort to protect the interests of both buyer and seller, we may require you to provide further information or documentation to confirm your order is genuine. In any event that the aforementioned procedure is not completed within 5 working days after you placed the order, your order will be automatically cancelled.


3.Return Policy

14 Day Returns

  1. Tablet Hub UK offers all customers 14 day returns. We want all our customers to shop with confidence and peace of mind at Tablet Hub UK

3.1 General Conditions Requirement:

All full refunds or replacements are subject to the below condition(s):

  • Items were purchased from our website. www.thetablethub.com
  • Items must be handed to an organised courier for returns.
  • a copy of your receipt/invoice.
  • Items are in condition we sent them (with all original packaging including all accessories and other material(s)), unless it is faulty or DOA. These are some determinants of how we determine the original condition. This includes:
  • the manufacturer packaging
  • Original screen protector film has not been peeled off
  • Accessories packaging has not been damaged

3.2 Tablet Hub UK reserves the right process all returns at their sole discretion. Any decision made by or their authorised representative are final.

Return or Exchange (14 Day Returns Policy)

Tablet Hub UK offers all customers 14 day returns. We want all our customers to shop with confidence and peace of mind at www.thetablethub.com.

Customers can exercise the right to return a merchandise and opt for a refund or exchange within 14 days after receiving the merchandise. This does not include changing your mind when order is going to be delivered.

As long as you fulfil all conditions in 3.1 outlined above, you will be approved of a return. Upon approval, you will have to organise a courier to send your complete  package (refer to 3.1 above for details) and have the item(s) returned to our UK warehouse. When we receive the product and inspection is passed, the refund or exchange will be processed.

However, you will be liable to the return shipping fee and any other associated costs. We also will not cover any court fees/admin fees if this does occur.

Exclusions - Headphones, Earphones and Personal Care Products like Shavers are not covered under this policy due to health and hygiene issues.

Return of a Faulty Item, DOA Item
If your product is faulty or dead on arrival (DOA) within 14 days of receiving the merchandise, you are definitely eligible for a return.

As long as you fulfil all conditions in 3.1. outlined above, you will be approved for a return. 

Fees? - Of course there are no admin fees in this situation.

Return of a Wrongly Delivered Item
If we deliver the wrong products, you are entitled to a return under this clause. You must notify us within 14 days of receiving the merchandise and you may opt for a return or exchange.                        

As long as you fulfill all conditions in 3.1. outlined above, you will be approved of a return.

Fees? - Of course there are no admin fees in this situation.

Missing Items
If you find your package is missing an item or your product is missing an accessory upon recipient of goods within 48 hours, please contact our customer support and we will open a courier case to investigate the issue and the investigation could take up to 5 working weeks before a resolution is provided.

Device Warranty

4.Upon receiving and accepting your payment, we will provide you the coverage for your purchase(s) as stated in this warranty.

All products purchased from Tablethub.com come with an included manufacturer equivalent 1-month standard warranty – Toby Deals EU Warranty. This warranty is provided by Tablet Hub UK Limited.. If you need to make a warranty claim, please email us.

4.1 What is covered?
30 Days parts and labour costs for the repair of a manufacture defect or fault in production, which lead to product malfunctioning.
30 Days parts and labour costs for the repair of a fault in the material of the product, which lead to product malfunctioning.
1 month parts and labour costs for the repair of a fault in the material of Rechargeable Batteries.

4.2 Duration of the warranty
The warranty period starts from the invoice date, and hence includes the shipping and return shipping time as well as the repair duration.

4.3 The exclusions
1-month warranty for camera accessories, mobile and tablet accessories, computer accessories, games, gaming controller, audio cable, card reader.

The following product categories are not covered by warranty:

  • Consumable products such as Batteries 
  • Product which are not electronic items or do not consume electricity(e.g. Bags, Lens Hoods, and audio accessories (Except audio cable has 1 month warranty) etc),
  • Carrier related issue (e.g. SIM Card, availability, coverage, service, range etc.) of mobile phones and tablets,
  • Any issues caused by the firmware or software, modification to operating system, rooted or jailbroken to the phones or tablets,
  • Gadgets accessories,
  • In box accessories

4.4 How do I make a warranty claim?
If you wish to make a claim under the limited warranty, please ensure you fulfill the requirements outlined in the Terms, then email us this information.

Provide us as much information as possible the in the form, such as images, serial numbers, detailed descriptions, order information, etc.

After you submit the form, we will get back to you in most circumstances within 24 – 72 hours.

Upon approval of warranty claim, you will be asked to ship the product(s) yourself within 14 days provide us the tracking information.

When making a warranty claim, you may be asked to provide

  • Invoice that proves the product purchase and the date of purchase
  • Pictures or detailed description of affected parts
  • IMEI or any related serial numbers

Please note that the Tablet Hub UK scheme is only applicable to the first end-user and purchaser of the product. The warranty cannot be transferred to subsequent or other owners.

4.5 What is not covered by Tablet Hub UK Warranty
The Tablet Hub UK Warranty does not cover damage, bricking, disruption, defects, to the extent permitted under the applicable law, such as relating to:

  1. Third party software, settings, links, content, data that may be applied after the release of the product from the manufacturer. This includes malicious software such as viruses
  2. Battery, especially third party or tampered batteries. This also applies to when the battery has been used in other products other than those specified by the manufacturer
  3. Normal wear and tear, transport and shipping, rough and excessive handling, actions other than those outlined by the manufacturers, misuse of the product and any acts beyond reasonable control of Tablet Hub UK
  4. The product has been modified, repaired or opened by a party other than Tablet Hub UK
  5. The product has been used in conjunction with unauthorised parts
  6. Serial number and IMEI numbers have not been altered in any way.
  7. Exposure to moisture in any manner, resulting in but not limited to, corrosion, oxidation, short circuits.
  8. Exposure to chemicals.
  9. Exposure to extreme temperatures and environmental conditions beyond the recommended limit from the manufacturer.
  10. Use of non-standard SIM cards or cards provided by telecommunications companies in order for you to use functions of your mobile phones. This includes but is not limited to, incorrect sized SIMs, external SIM modules or modified SIMs
  11. Improper usage, storage or handling of the product
  12. Any accidental or malicious damage
  13. Failure to follow our written instructions for the product, or those of the manufacturer’s
  14. Loss of quality, degradation of performance or actual damage that results from the use of spare parts or other replaceable items (such as consumables) that are neither made nor recommended by the manufacturer
  15. Modification to the product and/or software, by someone other than our representatives
  16. The product serial has been removed or made illegible
  17. Connection of other fittings, accessories, equipment or software to the product which were not approved by us
  18. External causes out of our control which may include accidents, fire disasters or burglaries
  19. Repair or cleaning by unauthorized personnel
  20. Any malfunctions or specific requirements of any other item of hardware or software which you added to the product that was not included in the contract
  21. Correction of errors for any non-Tablet Hub UK or original manufacturer proprietary software
  22. Loss or damage of data
  23. Attaching the product to a network not approved by us, or if you have made changes to your operating or network system
  24. Not installing any error correction that is issued for the software
  25. Use of which is not designed
  26. Damaged Display on Screen (LCD) due to improper usage
  27. Non-Manufacturer defect on Lenses
  28. Liquid damage
  29. Damage due to improper packing during shipment to service center or service agent

4.6 New for Old policy
In the circumstance that your product is not repairable, we will provide you with another device. This product may be refurbished to a brand new quality.

However if in the case we are unable to procure the same product, Tablet Hub UK will provide you with an equivalent product that matches the specifications and capabilities of the unrepairable one.

Any replaced item does not have a renewal in warranty period. The warranty period is transferred from the unrepairable device. Furthermore, the replaced item cannot be redeemed for cash.

4.7 Other Important Warranty Information
Tablet Hub UK reserves the right to:

  1. .During repairs, replacements for broken or unusable parts may be new, equivalent to new or refurbished. 

Tablet Hub UK is not liable for:

  1. Any delays caused due to natures out of Tablet Hub UK Limited’s control such as extreme weather conditions causing delays in shipment.
  2. Any data that is removed or corrupted during the repairing process.
  3. Any changes in settings that is made during the repairing process.

4.8.1. Special Note regarding Waterproof products
These are covered by Tablet Hub UK warranty for 1 month only. Damage caused by improper use, impact, exceeding recommended depths would void the Warranty.

  • Tablet Hub UK will not be liable for any damage to any other items used in conjunction with the product.
  • Tablet Hub UK will send the faulty Waterproof case to the manufacturer for waterproof / pressure testing to the specifications of the product as outlined by the manufacturer. The buyer will be required to be responsible for the repair fee if the test is passed and any cost of transport as required.

4.8.2. Special Note for 3rd party lenses
We will cover parts and labour costs for the repair of manufacturer defect(s) or production fault(s), which resulted in the product malfunctioning. Any problem(s) relating to front or back focus is/are not covered in the warranty. The use of third party lens is at user's own discretion. Toby Deals EU makes no guarantee to the quality and accuracy of the focus of third party lenses.

4.8.3. Special Note for Waterproof Cameras/ Casings / Bags
Damages due to impact, exceeding recommended depths, etc. would void the warranty. Please be advised that the warranty offered is strictly for the purchased item only. Tablet Hub UK will not be held liable for any defects or damage on any other item(s) used in conjunction with this product.

4.8.4. Special Note for Waterproof Mobile Phones
The warranty does not cover defects or damage resulting from accident, misuse, abnormal use, abnormal conditions, improper storage, exposure to liquid, moisture, dampness, sand or dirt, neglect, or unusual physical, electrical or electromechanical stress. Tablet Hub UK will not be held liable for any defects or damage on any other item(s) used in conjunction with this product.